Brompton S6L Raw Lacquer

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A sporty six-speed completed with a beautiful Raw Lacquer finish. 2019 Brompton, S-Handle Bar, 6 Gears, Mudguards, Schawlbe Marathon Tyres

A more premium finish, the Raw Lacquer exposes the craftsmanship and care that has gone into creating the hand-built frame. Raw Lacquer bikes have the bonus of being unique, as the appearance will be slightly different from bike to bike. This is due to differences in the colouring of the metalwork and brazing - which may vary moderately even on each frame part. It's a more industrial finish that will make your bike stand out. 

It's every bit as durable as the other frame colours, using the same powder coating process. (In this case, the powder has no pigment). Moreover, this finish will allow the natural aging of the steel frame parts to be visible. This corrosion is cosmetic only: our phosphate treatment prevents structural alteration. 



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