Mamachari London

Mamachari Ltd was founded in 2012 with a simple mission: to bring mamachari bicycles to the UK at affordable prices.

It all started with a conversation in a bicycle shop in London. A customer who had lived in Japan came to look at bikes and was shocked at how fancy and expensive the bikes were. ‘In Japan a normal city bike is cheap and built like a tank. Why doesn’t someone load up a container and bring them here?’. The seed was planted.

Needless to say with the global economy as it is now those same bikes are now not so cheap. But there was something in what he said that got me. Why are there no really simple city bikes available in the UK that come with all the practical conveniences such as mudguards, stand, basket, are strong and reliable and don’t cost a fortune?

I sat on the idea for several years and it wasn’t until another person who had lived in Japan began exclaiming the very same thing that I went on a hunt for this type of bike here. What I found was that most really cheap bicycles (sub £300) either didn’t come with all the above mentioned accessories or were completely the wrong kind of bike for short hops around London. Sure, you can get a reliable enough bike for £250 but you’ll have to pay extra for the accessories to make it practical.

After looking online to see what people are saying about mamachari I found a lot of people who had lived in or visited Japan lamenting the fact that it was not easy to bring back their bike from Japan or couldn’t buy one in their home country. So we decided to do something about this and bring used mamachari bikes to the UK and so Mamachari London was born.