Bridgestone Angelino

A typical example of a Bridgestone Angelino in use

Bridgestone Angelino – kodomo no se (子供のせ) – are mamachari bicycles purpose built for carrying children. Some have just a front seat but many have or can fit a second rear seat. The front seats have a unique design that overcomes many of the disadvantages of most universal front child seats.

Most Angelino bicycles have 3 gears and a low ratio. This means that with the additional weight of the child and the seat, starting off and going up hill is much easier and the rider has more control and better balance. In addition to the extra low frame (so you don’t have to swing your leg over the bar) these bikes have several other important safety features. They all come equipped with a wide rear mounted stand with an extra wide foot that keeps the bike fully upright. This stand locks in place, preventing the stand from folding up and the bike falling over when parked. They also have a handlebar mounted lock that stops the front seat from flopping to the side when on the stand. This is especially useful then loading and unloading the child from the front seat.

Most Angelino can take a rear seat if you need to carry 2 children.